What is this?

This website aims to be the definitive, comprehensive Hello! Project song database, providing you with as much information as possible about each individual song.
This includes such details as:

Along with songs, this site also offers a comprehensive database of Hello! Project members, releases, concerts & events, theatre productions, photobooks, image DVDs, essays, TV shows/movies, radio shows and anything and everything else Hello! Project and H!P-related.
This extends to some not-exactly-H!P artists that have worked with or are related to H!P in some way, such as other UP-FRONT artists or artists produced by Tsunku.

But the H!P Wiki already exists!

It does! And the wiki is a wonderful resource. However, it's impossible to search for things on it beyond releases. It's also not always consistant or accurate, and sometimes is missing information.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the way the wiki does work, and I use it myself. But I wanted an easier way to look up the songs themselves, which it does not let you do. Even searching via Google is a mess. I mean no ill will to the people who work on the wiki! I'm just picky about how I like things done and I thought something a bit more accessible would be useful to fans.

Plus, I think that having multiple sources for things is good in the long run!

Who the hell are you?

I'm just someone who's been a Hello! Project fan since 2004 and has accumulated far too much H!P knowledge over the years. I used to be active on some H!P forums as Starra, so if you know me from back then... I'm sorry. I promise I'm not as insufferable as I used to be (I hope).

I spotted a mistake!

Awesome! I try to find them myself, but I'm only one person doing this whole thing. Even if you've found something as simple as a typo, please let me know. Same with noticing anything missing. You can reach me via Twitter @hpsongdatabase or email me at hpsongdatabase @ x . com.

Can I help you work on the site?

Unfortunately, no. I want to do this myself. It may seem silly, but I have everything set up in a very specific way and I do not trust other people to do things my way. It's not you, it's me. I am open to suggestions, however!